Groene Loper / Undertunneling A2 highway

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In June 2009, West 8 together with Humblé Architecten received the prestigious recognition in winning the competition for the design of the under tunneling of the A2 highway in Maastricht, The Netherlands, prepared for the consortium “Avenue2". Entering Maastricht, you immediately feel the strong need for under tunneling the A2 national motorway as it now splits the city in two. The design envisions a stacked two layer tunnel into which the A2 highway disappears. On top of the tunnels is a meandering green recreational ribbon (“Groene Loper"), which runs from the north to the south of the city, with 2.000 linden trees that connect the city with its natural surroundings. It offers a wonderful opportunity to revitalize the now fragmented Country Estate zone, a number of individual country estates of significant ecological and recreational value. The green ribbon will be extended over the A2 by means of a cycle bridge in order to reconnect existing country estates with each other and with the city.

The quiet and safe park lane is created with an emphasis on pedestrians and cyclists. This means more room and better quality of life for inhabitants, flora and fauna. Such a streetscape profile is possible because of the strategically chosen stacked tunnel format, providing a great deal of freedom for the design of the public realm. This stacked format, with two tunnel tubes on top of each other, creates a narrow profile that can still handle large traffic volumes with optimum traffic flow through. Local traffic and through traffic are separated from each other to help reduce lane changes within the tunnel.

Two unique city entrances are created at the mouths of the tunnel. They will be recognizable as two sloping areas in the landscape. They will transform the current A2 zone into a connective space for the city.

client: Projectbureau A2 Maastricht (Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, the City of Maastricht, the Province of Limburg and the City of Meerssen)
competition: 2009 (1st Prize)
design: 2007-2009 realization: 2009-2026 (realization infrastructure, public space and real estate)
team: Avenue 2 (Strukton and Ballast Nedam with advise from among others West 8 Urban Design & Landscape Architecture, Humblé Architecten, ARCADIS Nederland, dGmR and Bex* Communications)

About Edzo Bindels
Edzo Bindels is a principal and partner of West 8 urban design & landscape architecture. Mr. Bindels graduated from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, as an Urban Designer. After working at various architectural offices and publishing successful works and articles he joined West 8 in 1995 and was named co-principle in 1999.

At West 8 Mr. Bindels has lead multiple design winning teams for projects such as Madrid RIO, Spain and Playa de Palma in Mallorca, Spain. Other important projects include the masterplan for Vathorst in Amersfoort, the Coolsingel in Rotterdam, the Leerpark in Dordrecht, Rio Cali Park in Colombia and New Holland in St. Petersburg.

© West 8 urban design & landscape architecture
  • Edzo Bindels
    Edzo Bindels

    Directeur en partner West 8 urban design & landscape architecture

Locatie: Hoofdpodium
Datum: 18/05/2017
Begin: 14:00
Einde: 14:45

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  • "Goede sfeer en een regionaal karakter. Gevarieerd productaanbod. En prettig dat er gratis drinken is."

  • "Goede sfeer en een regionaal karakter. Gevarieerd productaanbod. En prettig dat er gratis drinken is."

  • "Goede sfeer en een regionaal karakter. Gevarieerd productaanbod. En prettig dat er gratis drinken is."